Windsor Homebrew

We offer a convenient selection of the most popular homebrew products. We also offer special ordering of more specialized equipment and ingredients. Click here to check out our suppliers website to see the complete list of homebrew products we can order for you. ‚ÄčItems we always have in stock include:

Equipment Kits

Ingredient Kits




Bottles (Wine, Beer, Growlers)

Buckets and Lids


Cleaning Chemicals and Supplies

Processing Aids


and more!

Homebrew Class

We offer Homebrew classes periodically throughout the year. Our Intro to Brew class covers everything you need to know to start brewing your own beer from the comfort of your home. Our All-grain class is for the more advanced brewers who want the ultimate level of flexibility and control over the characteristics and quality of their beer. The instructor gives a demonstration during all classes, as well as provides samples of the beer style brewed in class. Additionally, attendees receive a special coupon for homebrew purchases made the same day as the class.

Upcoming Classes