We offer a convenient selection of the most popular homebrew products. We also offer special ordering of more specialized equipment and ingredients. Click here to check out our suppliers' website to see the complete list of homebrew products we can order for you. Items we always have in stock include:

800 South Fourth Street, Hamburg, PA 19526 US
 +1 (610) 562-2474

We have a large selection of RYO tobacco products including Pipe and Cigarette Tobacco, Tubes (King Size and 100mm), Manual and Electric Rolling Machines, Cigarette Papers and Cigarette Cases.

We also have a convenient selection of cigarettes and lighters. 
  • Cleaning Chemicals and Supplies
  • Processing Aids
  • Literature
  • and more!

Windsor Homebrew

We also offer a variety of beef jerky and beef sticks located up front by the register as well.
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Tobacco Products

Other Products at Windsor

Windsor Distributing Inc.

  • Equipment Kits
  • Ingredient Kits
  • Yeast
  • Hops​
  • Malt
  • ​Bottles (Wine, Beer, Growlers)
  • Buckets and Lids
  • Carboys


We carry Drinkin' Pretzels from Sweet G's Bakery. They offer a variety of sizes and flavors which you can find located by the registers.  Some of their flavors include:
  • Ranch Dill
  • Original
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • ​Hot Ranch Dill
  • Krab
  • ​Smoked taco
  • Honey Mustard Onion
  • Garlic hot Wing